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About Us

What is sport and performance psychology?

Put as straightforward as possible, performance psychology is describing any mental attribute that affects performance and the job of a performance psychologist is to develop these attributes in a way similar to that of a personal trainer for physical attributes.

Performance psychology can help you increase confidence, reduce anxiety, prevent overthinking, and supercharge focus. Additionally, with performance psychology, you can learn advanced skills such as imagery, emotional control, goal setting, cognitive diffusion, and thought reframing to give your performance an edge over the world.

What we do

What we can do for you.

Here at Psych to Perform we believe that performance is the result of mental health, skills and productivity blended together. We will help you gain control over your mind, how you use your environment, and the support networks you build so that you become enriched with new abilities, outlooks, and strategies to perform at your highest level.

With a new understanding of your values, thought processes, and mental strengths together with enhanced abilities and strategies you will be empowered to overcome barriers, manoeuvre stressful situations, and conquer new levels of performance.

Our Services
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Who We Are

Tim Cobb - Sports Psychologist

Sport and Performance Psychology is often seen as a luxury, our mission is to change this belief. Psych to Perform was founded by Tim Cobb to provide affordable and high-quality sports and performance psychology provisions to anyone who wants it.

Tim is a Sport and Exercise Psychologist in Training (SEPiT) with BASES and is the Head of Player Care at Portsmouth FC's Academy. He has a wealth of experience working in professional, semi-professional and academy settings, working in such as football, tennis, gymnastics and trampolining, with adults, children of all genders and coaches.

Tim has participated in a range of sports including football, badminton, and rugby at different levels and is currently training and competing in Brazilian Jujitsu.

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Real Action

How we deliver your Goals.

Our focus is always on the development of the person as well as the performer. We set targets together around three key life concepts; Happiness, Self-Acceptance, and Self-Awareness. With happiness, we look at the quality of life as an individual or group with the goal of reducing the effects of what is hindering you, while increasing the influence of what you enjoy in your life.

Self-acceptance is about understanding and accepting who you are, your strengths and your weaknesses. Together we discover what strengths you can use and what weaknesses we can work on to improve performance. Lastly, self-awareness regards being aware of what you do, why you do it, and how to enhance or change it. Our goal focus is controlling the controllable; doing what is in your power as an individual or team to improve performance and wellbeing.


Elite athletes have clarity on who they are, what they can do, and how to cope with their surroundings. Anyone can achieve this with psychological support.

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Our Clients

High performance for all.

Clients range from pro-athletes, disabled athletes, semi-pro athletes, amateur athletes, junior and child athletes, performance-orientated businesspeople, members of the performing arts, emergency service workers, and anyone else who needs optimal mental performance to reach their goals. We work with many groups including sports teams or clubs from pro to amateur level, regional or national governing bodies, athlete sponsors, small business or corporate organisations, ministry of defence or emergency services, educators and

Clients and groups consisting of under 18-year-olds are welcome. However parental or guardian consent will need to be obtained and for individual clients, a parent or guardian will need to complete the service agreement. Common reasons for support include developing mental super-strengths, experiencing a slump in performance, mentally struggling with the effects of injury, feeling overwhelmed with stress or anxiety, and performance anxiety. However, there are hundreds of reasons to benefit from support so if you have any questions, please contact us and you’ll get a detailed response free of charge.

Psych to Perform is a fully inclusive organisation, we do not discriminate against any factor including but not limited to age, race, ethnicity, disability, gender, and sexual orientation. Everyone will be met with respect, kindness, and curiosity.


What Do People Say About Us?

I worked with Tim from Psych to Perform for 6 months in both an individual and team capacity. Tim worked with my competitive gymnasts, teaching them imagery to overcome mental blocks. Tim has provided excellent infographics that are incredibly informative and engaging for our wide age range of gymnasts. We will be using the infographic Tim has created for years to come. Additionally, the imagery training work has been amazing. Tim designed activities that fit within our session plan and presented minimal disruption to our regular routine. I also work with Tim on a 1 on 1 basis. Tim helps me overcome the challenges I am presented with by teaching me new ways to think and cope with obstacles in my life. I would highly recommend Psych to Perform for any individual struggling with obstacles or performance, any parent of a child athlete, and any team or sports club.


Regis Gymnastics Coach

Portsmouth Amputee FC have benefitted immensely since working with Tim around some psychological behaviours within the team environment. Working with the coaches, Tim has built a tailored framework upon speaking to players/coaches and watching them in action. The framework has been implemented and shared with the players and coaches where there is a clear outline as to the pathway Portsmouth Amputee FC are currently going down. Aspects such as team spirit, building rapport, technical and tactical information are all involved. The framework has been hugely beneficial to both us as coaches and the players as it gives us a clear visual representation of whereabouts we are at and how we can improve different aspects of what we do to make ourselves the best version we can be.


Portsmouth FC Amputees Coach

Tim worked with my 12 year old son to help him overcome a mental block that was impacting his progress in trampolining. He formed a bond with Seb quickly and managed to get him to open up to explore and understand his thought processes behind what was happening. He spoke to Seb's coach to ensure he fully understood what was happening with Seb. He then taught him techniques to support him including imagery in a way that was engaging and easy to understand. All this was achieved in 1:1 sessions over teams. Thanks Tim.


Parent of a Client


Heightened Performance

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